Random things my kids say

This will serve as a place I randomly update with things my kids say that makes me chuckle.

11/30/2018 Me: Hush little baby don’t…. Zuri:”I’m not a baby I’m Zuri. ”

12/2/2018 me:  does a ninja kick…..Christian:  “Daddy you are not a ninja”

8/17/19:  Z wanted to take a detour to view Timberlake.   Christian “This isn’t a detour this is a mistake”

8/29/2019 . Chriatian talking to z: “Do you think I can take daddy down?” (Z said yeah)  ”  But I don’t have any muscles  like Daddy. ”

Not sure:  Z: “Zuri Im doing your hair rather you like it or not.  Zuri: “Not”

10/14_2019.  Christian:  “Daddy I only have bad news, Zuri didn’t brush her teeth when you left.”

10/31/2019: Christian:  “Is North Carolina sick or something?”  He asked because we had a bad storm.  A tornado actually touched down in the town over

12/12/2019:  (Z house shoes had pencil shavings in it so I asked Zuri if she did it) Zuri: “I didn’t it’s a mystery”